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Welcome to Black Expats in Panama (BEIP), founded in May 2019 by Charlotte Van Horn. BEIP is your guide to a unique exploration of Black culture and history in Panama, going beyond basic relocation details to address specific concerns such as racism, police interactions, and finding welcoming Black communities.

The highlight is the BEIP Cultural Relocation Tour, a 5-day immersive experience showcasing Panama’s housing options and narrating its Black culture and history, guided by certified Afro Panamanian Tour Guides.

With over 7000 followers on social media, BEIP focuses on providing a firsthand look at Panama’s unique blend of history and contemporary life through monthly tours that align with the celebration of Etnia Negra in May.

Partnering with professionals in various fields, BEIP supports prospective Black Expats, while Zoom Meetups foster connections and community. Join this exciting relocation revolution by following BEIP and be a part of the best that is yet to come!

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Cultural Immersion Experience

Explore the vibrant Black culture and history of Panama through the BEIP Cultural Relocation Tour.

From authentic cuisine to traditional Congo drums, dancing, and visits to significant sites like the West Indian Museum (SAMAAP), Colon, and Portobello, our tours provide an unforgettable cultural journey.get.

Tailored Relocation Insights:

BEIP is committed to addressing specific concerns for Black expats. Our tours offer insights into the nuances of Black culture in Panama, providing valuable information on topics such as racism, police interactions, natural hair care, and the availability of welcoming Black communities. We go beyond the ordinary to ensure that our participants are well-informed about every aspect of their potential relocation.

Monthly Tours Aligned with Local Celebrations:

BEIP organizes monthly tours, typically running from the 1st to the 5th day of the month, offering participants a strategic and immersive experience. The timing coincides with Panama's celebration of Etnia Negra in May, adding an extra layer of cultural richness to the relocation journey. Discover the beauty and uniqueness of Panama during this special time with BEIP.

Award winning support

BEIP is more than just a tour company; it's a community. With over 7000 followers on social media, our platform connects prospective Black expats with a network of professionals in real estate, law, medicine, and more. Join our Zoom Meetups to build connections and community even before your relocation journey begins. BEIP is dedicated to supporting you throughout your exploration of Panama.